Saturday, October 22, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews: BFF Chicago Remix

As Sandy was the originator of our Anthropologie infatuation, visiting her wouldn't be without stopping by the local area stores to try on the new clothes for the fall 2011 season.  (Hello. =) And I know this post was long overdue.)

Nina first selected an elegant, classic dress by Ganni in gold, named the Noon & Night Dress in the Anthropologie catalog.  It fit her supremely well in size M, creating definition in her waist and hit a bit above the top of her knee.  This looked to be a keeper on her, being versatile for both casual and formal events. 

Shortly after Nina finished trying on her dress, Sandy hopped in Nina's dressing room with the Dark Grey (--it was actually more of a dove gray) Veiled Alder Dress by Yoana Baraschi in size S.

Though we all loved the intricate lace detailing, and there was nothing wrong with the fit on her, there was something that vaguely made all of us feel as if the dress made Sandy look more matronly and conservative.  We were probably more used to her wearing a bit of more 'youthful' style...not to say the dress couldn't be accessorized better to be made younger, but personal-style-wise, it seemed a bit off.

For fun, Sandy and Nina then tried on the Alary Shirtdress together (Nina in size 6 and Sandy in size 4).

Though both of them were generally fans of shirtdresses, they decided to pass on this one since the color wasn't the most flattering for both pale and darker Asian skin tones.

Then they forced me to participate in the silly fun of trying to match up lines on this ... interesting Layered Column Dress.  (Obviously, not the most flattering for those who aren't super thin or tall.)  The effect was a nice pattern in sporting matching tire treads running all over us...

The Unconditional Osier Dress in Brown Motif and size M gave Nina a silhouette similar to the Noon & Night Dress.  The fit looked perfect, but it was too bad the navy wasn't available at the store, since we were curious about comparing the two colors.  The unique, olive leaf-lace was so flattering on her, that later, I decided to try the same dress as well.  (Random disclaimer:  In the history of our friendship, none of us have had issues with having or wearing the same garments -- although we do tend to not wear it on the same day.)

On my own, I tried the Navy version of the Dog Rose Pullover in size XS.  I loved the ornate stitching and embroidery in the shoulders of this sweater, but the bell-sleeves bothered me a bit.  For a short person, it could add more volume to a smaller torso than would be preferred.  Yet I've tried the Ivory-colored version of the sweater before, and that one might balance out the thicker volume.

Copying the Unconditional Osier Dress in Brown Motif and size XS from Nina, the dress was a bit fussy to put on/take off (careful not to damage the lace) with an attached black slip on the inside.  Though it didn't seem badly constructed, the price of the dress seemed a bit much for a construction of cotton, nylon, rayon, and spandex slip that could tear easily.  Though it was flattering and fit me well, it seemed like something I could pick up from Forever 21.  I may consider picking this up if it hits sale.

Lastly, the Zenobia Tee was something Nina convinced me to try on a whim.  At first I was disinclined, since the material looked too thin and easily damaged, but I decided to try it to kill time.  The result was better than I expected, but the rayon was definitely super-see-through.  (Bra shadow is very visible underneath.)  Although I fancied the intricately-laced shoulders, I would worry about how it would survive even in a hand-wash.  It vaguely reminded me of the Hints of Mesh Tee, which I bought from Anthropologie last year, but lost its shape in the shoulders by simply becoming stretched while being on a hanger.

Anthropologie clothing styles have been running more large and shapeless, so it has been difficult for me to find enough clothes to review in my petite size. But though there are some promising items appearing for the fall and winter, I miss the more vintage styles running in their catalogues 1-2 years ago.

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